My name is Ashley Toms and I lost my husband Steve unexpectedly October 30, 2012.  I’ve created this blog to share stories with you about my life as a widow and God’s love and faithfulness through it all.  Although this blog is starting over a year later, I will do my best to catch you up to today.

The title of my blog has a two fold meaning, it is both widow speak and widow’s peak. Widow speak because I am sharing my story with you and others. God has challenged me, changed me and filled me with hope and peace and it’s important to me that you know how good He is.  My faith isn’t defined by my circumstances, because as we know, circumstances change. I chose and continue to choose to hold on to the King through this journey of healing and new beginnings. It is my hope that you hold on to the King as well.

My blog is also titled Widow’s Peak because through the loss of my husband, God has opened my eyes to living a life full of faith in a “STATE OF VITALITY.” Typically it is much easier to trust in God’s plan when life is going according to plan, but what about those times when it’s not? We typically default to putting on an attitude of fear when we experience heartbreak or disappointment, when we should be putting on an attitude of faith. A change in perspective has brought me to a new peak in my life, not a onetime rest stop, but one that’s infinite. There’s only one way to go when we put our faith and trust in Him, and that’s up!

I’m praying that by sharing my story, that your perspective is challenged, you’re inspired to love the life you live, and that you’re encouraged to be bolder in your faith.

Enjoy the day you’ve been blessed with,


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  1. Im a widow as well with four kids.my family is a resident in Qatar for 13yrs and now we are in Philippines. i was 8mobtjs pregnant when .my husband died feb 21,2013.
    I couldnt move on though he is a Pastor my faith drown and ny respurces aa well.i am also interested to find a place where everyone can relate my pain,anguish,longing and even desperation.and I am glad that this page is here.I am 38yrs old now and i am so inspired by your words God bless n more blessings.

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