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  5. Matt Chambers10 May 2016

    After my wife passed away, January 2010. I believed the way back to the love I lost, would be found in a woman’s hand embraced within my own hand. And, in the very beginning of this 2016 new year God has showed me an incredible reality.

    There has been what seemed like an enormous mansion; which sat empty within myself. The walls of this massive home ached with the memories of overwhelming love and warmth filling it. Then stood the mansion hollow and abandoned. Echoes, of hope cries that I had called out for the love I could not find as my voice feel silent on the walls of empty rooms and vacant hallways. With my head down, and in the silence of the once beautiful; then seemingly hopeless house, standing without love. I asked in a weak, small voice. Why God am I here in this extraordinary wonderful, structure that sits meaningless and worthless without love? It was then in the silence following my questions. Gods voice, from within me and all around, said come and let me show you. God lead me to the place I knew my love I felt lost without lives, and she was overflowing with joy, happiness, and love. What I saw and felt from her made the love we shared together on earth look so small. And, I loved her so much it was overwhelming. When the presence that I felt flowing from her became over powering and a voice spoke to me from everywhere saying, It is Me! God himself grow inside that empty massive home within me. He kept filling it and filling it until all that remained was him. The love that had been so huge and so great for my wife I had lost on earth could not exist in the place within me I had named the mansion where my love lives. Not that I didn’t love my wife that is now with God in heaven. It’s just that now I knew Gods love for me and the love I have for God make everything thing else seem incredibly small in comparison. God has filled this monsterous home inside me, with his love! To me, it is a miracle because even though I told myself many times that God can heal all things and has power over all things. In all honesty, I would have said that the only way God could fill my empty hurt, was to fill it with a wife. But God, filled it with himself, and his love is overwhelming, unending, it will never leave and it will never die. To a widower, that is God’s breathe of life filling the lunges, the body, the mind, and healing the broken heart and empty hurts with Gods own words and with Gods own presence and with Gods own perfect Love.
    -Matt Chambers

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